Tales of Tethyr

Episode 3 - Tethyr At Last!

After 3 days of hard sailing and guidance by Flavious the party finally entered Firedrake Bay and their first sight of Tethyr with the great Wealdath forest off thier port for most of the journey.  Captain Hanson had recovered some of self respect but was very edgy around the party having turned to blaming them for what had befallen his ship.  The party had come to like Flavious with him being a thoroughly friendly lad.  

The motley band could be in better shape with only Venus the bard and Amelia the druid still having any equipment of any proper use.  All the others barely any weapons or armor between them except the crude items rescued from kobolds.

The Dramboth landed in Port Kri on the largest dock.  The group said their goodbyes to Flavious who was going to stay with Hanson.  The captain was grateful to be rid of them.  They were met on the dock by a migrations and customs officer.  This pompous looking man proceeded to inform them they must register at the migrations bureau before they could proceed into Tethyr.  Hanson paid them their dues of 6 gold pieces.


After taking their details he also informed them they could find gear at Fizzwald's Fantastic Emporium and lodging at the Green Cockerel Inn if they had money.   The party proceeded to the large stone building at the end of the dock where upon entering they found a busy hall with traders and captain queuing for customs forms.  The stairs to the second floor had two guards in full armor posted at them.    He also informed them they had arrived in time for the spring festival which included a brawl event in which money could be won.

The party joined a queue and after a while they were served by a lovely lady known as Amanda who was so chirpy and helpful Barnabus and Rohgar were a bit off put and taken aback.  She presented them with their papers and indicated that should they be lost and caught up in a crime they would be beheaded with no trial.   The party heeded this warning.  She said if they wished evidence to see the south side of town for the skull pile.  The party asked if they could speak to the lord of the town.  Amanda informed them that the lord did not speak to  commoners but had deputies to do that work.  The deputy would be at the customs hall that afternoon to hear the citizens complaints.  She also mentioned 

The party with this knowledge headed off to find the merchant and this was not hard to miss.  A building fronted by mass amounts of multicoloured glowing lights spelled "Fizzwald's Fantastic Emporium"  This blatant waste of magic greatly annoyed Barnabus who wished he could dispel it.

Upon entering they found a gnome behind a counter in a very quiet shop.  Sitting on his high chair he was stroking his white mustache and greeted them warmly.  The party looked around the store especially at the armors and weapons.  Olgoth tried badly to get Fizzwald to sell him full plate which was majorly out of their price range.  Barnabus scoured the shop for magic and found none ." so much for fantastic he thought".

Attempting to buy armor Fizzwald found they had no money.  He was not happy until Olgoth suggested a deal that if he loaned them armor and weapons they could enter the brawl win money but more importantly they would advertise they got their stuff from Fizzwald.  The gnome pondered this and eventually agreed and also to throw in some gold to get them lodging and rested at the Inn.  He gave them big advertising boards and sets of leather armor plus standard weapons suitable to their skills.  However Barnabus was having issues with Fizzwald's blatant abuse of magic on his shop leading to a sort of rivalry.  He eventually got a dusty old purple robe from Fizzwald which he did not realize the gnome had enchanted with blazing text on the back.

Moving on with their billboards they entered the Green Cockerel in where they met the owner Winthrop Rolen and his two daughters anna and greta.  They obtained accommodation in a dry stable out the back and some stew and ale.  They realized Olgoth had disappeared and wondered off on his own though no one bothered to follow.  Loyalties not being that strong at present.    Rohgar was eyeing up a big black dragonborn in the corner provoking a small fight between them where Olgoth punched the dragonborn in the balls.  The dragon born swore revenge.

Olgoth on the other hand had proceeded to the south end of town where the walls and palisade were in an awful state leaving the town exposed.  HE did indeed find a pile of skulls of various races.  he eventually found a farmstea dhe had been told about owned by the Ironfold's.  Upon approaching all that were present were two goats and a small shack with a workshop to the side.  Indeed there was a crude furnace and anvil but no smithing equipment.  Upon knocking at the door it was answered by an old human male.  This was Pa Ironfold.  Olgoth tried badly to barter for their only hammer eventually punching the farmer.  Upon hearing this commotion Ma Ironfold appeared.  Again she would not barter and Olgoth tried to take the hammer and punch her also…. only to find his grip stopped by this frail old woman and his fist crushed by immense strength.  he fled as quic kas he could having learned in the process they had a kid named Lil Bobby who was apparently not so little.

The party slept and the next day went to the festival with advert boards in tow.  On the way theu went to visit the lord's deputy and informed him of the kidnapped princess.  He was not aware of any such arrangement but was concerned as Annisa is favoured of Annais and is key to alliance in Baldur's Gate.     He knew about Argoth the orc pirate also saying he had plagued the coast for years.  He took Annisa's belongings and told the party if he needed them he knew where to find them

They found they had to win tokens and the 3 highest teams could enter the brawl.  So they set about doing the games.  First came strength run by Master Bronzebeard involving an arm wrestle against him and then hitting a button with a mallet to ding a bell.  Amazingly the party garnered some tokens out of this but it was the weaker members that did the bets.  The dwarves and the dragonborn failing miserably.  Next came an archery game where the party did averagely well .  The party worked their way through a riddle game and  drinking game.  At the performance game Amelia put on a fantastical display of nature winning her applause however Rohgar's weapon spinning demo got booed.

The party eventually registered to the brawl but found only one team could enter from their group with the tokens they had.  At this point Clay appeared with 5 more and being blind drunk.  he also informed them of the party including a tiefling who had an accident.  The party approached this group and bartered for all their tokens despite being against the rules.


Now they could put two teams in the brawl.  They even discussed that one team should just "fail" once the other team was beaten.  As they entered the arena in two teams The Bessy Squad consisting of Venus, Nefil and Clay and the The Polar Bear team consisting of Amelia Barnabus and Rohgar.  They found themselves facing Lil Bobby "the black dragon born" and his two comrades one of whom was Fizzwald himself.  The party felt annoyed by this especially since he had informed them he was not entering.  Blatant lies said BArnabus. 

The fight started and both teams did well.  It was tough but they managed to floor Lil' Bobby's team except Fizzwald.  he took out the Bessy squad in two great thunder spells.  Amelia struck the final blow and The Polar bear team had won.  

The team were presented with their prize plus the bonus 50 gold for still standing as a complete team.  As the losers were released from their sanctuary spells Fizzwald could be soon hobbling away with a grin across his face as he looked back at the party…  Now thye have enough to equip themselves properly and decide what to do next though it was pulling on towards the evening now..

















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