Tales of Tethyr

Adventure 4 - The burning of Port Kri

Several hours had passed since the  party consisting of the winning team of Barnabus Amelia and Rothgar had returned to the Green Cockerel Inn on a wave of fans.  For hours they were plied with free booze and food by the patrons.  So much that Clay and barnabus had both passed out in respective corners while Nefil and Venus stood arguing and gambling with other patrons.

In the middle of all this Rothgar Amelia and Olgoth were enjoying ales and banter between themselves.  Rothgar then spotted a sullen looking little bobby in the dorner of the inn.  Rothgar proceeded to insult the black dragon born.  The encounter led to bobby becoming more ashamed and skulking into the corner.

Rothgar proclaimed that everyone was weak in this town.  This raised a challenge from Winthrop who called over his daughter Beth.  She challenged Rothgar and trashed him twice in an arm wrestling match.  Rothgar had to eat his own words.

About this time they all heard screams from outside.  Rothgar rushed outside with Amelia and Olgoth following.  They saw villagers running away from the south and the highlights of flames in the distance.  They tried to grab an old man who wa sin sheer panick and all thye got was that someone was raiding the south end of town and had torched it.

The group made their way south encountering screaming and more fire as they went.  the entire south end of town was on fire.  They encountered a small band of hobgoblins and goblins.  The group swiftly dispatched them only to hear screaming from inside a house.  Rothgar went in but passed out from the smoke leaving Olgoth and Amelia to rescue him and a middle aged woman. 

She was in a bad way so thye too kher back to the green cockerel.  Upon entering the place was ram packed.  They placed the woman next tothe bar and just as they were deciding what to do next a woman in shining plate armor summoned them over.  She queried if they had been killing hobgoblins.  She asked them to go back out and slay all they could find and help any militia they could find.  She agreed to pay them gold for each head they borught back.

The party being in desparate need of money agreed and headed back out.  After an hour of small skirmishes they entered in an abandoned market square.  They encountered two guards surrounded by a large band of hobgoblins.  Between them they managed to take them down by lost one of the guards Jimmy in the fight.  His friend could not believe it and was distraught.  meanwhile the Rothgar not emotionally sensitive in the least went around and cut the heads off.  The party pondered how much thye could get for the 6.  However they knew they had to try and find the leader of this raid.  They got the guard to agree to take their heads bac kto the inn and keep them safe.  Rothgar threatened to kill him if he claimed them as his own.  

The group carried on until they rounded a corner to find a makeshift base camp in which stood a big hobgoblin surrounded by two large wolves and hobgoblins and goblins.  They had clearly found the  leader.  The group immediately ran into battle.  Just as round the corner staggered the female paladin from the inn screaming "For the Dawn!!".  She was badly surrounded and the party had to fight a bloody fight  to get through the  leader.  The paladin keeping them alive when she could.  Rothgar got pounced and pinned by one of the wolves and Olgoth was dropped to the floor.  He was revived by the paladin and immediately rejoined the attle.  Amelia in bear form kept them distracted but managed no killing blows.  The fight carried on until it was just a hobgoblin and the leader left.  The leader drew his great sword and slayed Amelia in her beats form reverting her to a frail elf.  The paladin was greviously wounded as was Olgoth.  Rothgar managed to finally get the wolf off him and joined the fray.   Rothgar was dropped by a savage blow from the sword.  The hobgoblin was experienced at fighting and well armoured.

After more savage blows they managed to overcome him and slayed him through the gut.  The big hobgoblin droped to the ground dead by left the group in a bloodied state.  They cut off more heads, patched thier wounds with the help of the paladin.   She introduced herself as Alison Del Baron Paladin of Lathander and captain of the town militia.  

The group returned to the inn to find it quieter but still full of inured and dying people.  The rest of the party were helping where they could.  The group settled down to patch wounds etc.  As they did so the paladin approached them and threw a bag of gold their way.  She thanked them on behalf of the village.   She reckoned they needed more reward.  Collectively they stated they needed to meet with Marquis Laverne about a matter.  The paladin said she would arrange this.  She told them to stay in town so she could find them.  With that sh hobbled off to tend to the wounded.  This left the party and al lwondering where such a large raid had come from.  Del Baron  had not reckoned there were any this far west.






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