Tales of Tethyr

Episode 1 - Avast!

The good ship Dramboth 3 weeks out of Baldurs Gate with Captain Hanson at the helm with his friendly and loyal crew sail towards Tethyr. On board the ship are several strange people signed up to protect his boat from Pirates.

He looks around the deck. He sees Rogar the fearsome impatient and angry red dragon born barbaria stomping up and down. Next he spots the two dwarves Nefil and Olgoth the latter of whom is passed out on the deck. Praying att he back of the board is the young human priest of torm Clay who is trying to preach his religion to Barnabus the human scholarly mage

Captain Hanson wanders down to the desk and talks to each in turn getting the red dragonborn to go below and take his frustration out cutting wood for the cooks stove. After chatting with the rest they seem like a decent bunch. He hears singing below decks and mewing. He wished he had never let the bloody druid on board but at least she was killing rats.

Some time later the boson crfies alarm at spotting two ships in the distance. Two sloops moving fats towards them. The crew run and hide below decks as it is time for these passengers to earn their keep.

One sloop pulls alongside crewed by sea goblins with two orcs barking orders at them. Several landed on the ship with which they were engaged by the passengers. After some fierce fighting Olgoth jumped to the sloop and found himself surrounded. Clay had intervene and keep the dwarf on his feet. Olgoth was jumped from behind by a gobling whichwrapped itself round his head and started cutting at his fine beard with his dagger. After many failed attempts to throw off the goblin it came away with 3/4 of his beard in its hand which then got caught in the wind. Raging Olgoth jumped overboard forgetting he wore armor and immediately sunk under water.

In the meantime the passengers were thinning the numbers on the Dramboth and Rogar had engaged on the sloop with the orc captain. With several mighty swipes he cut them down.

However the second sloop came up behind and more goblins boarded followed by the fearsome orc captain Argoth wielding two great axes. A firece fight ensued but the party were overwhelmed. As they were each knocked to the deck as the last of them passed out they heard Argoth order the passenger to be seized and the party heard screaming of a young woman as they blacked out.

In the meantime the druid had jumped overboard shifting into a dolphin and managed to bring the dwarf to the surface. Clambering aboard they found the party stripped naked the crew slaughtered and the captain badly beaten. No sign of the first mate.

They untied the others from the mast who slowly regained their senses. Looking around at the carnage the foredeck was on fire. They managed to eventually put out the fires no before Olgoth pissing on one reignited it due to the copious amounts of rum in his belly.

BArnabus went below deck to find all the cargo gone and a open secret door at the front of the ship. On inspection he found a very comfortable room and a small desk containing a drawing of a dolphin on top of which lay a pearl inlaid hand mirror and hair brush. A silve rlocket was found in the bed which when opened showed a pretty young noblewoman standing next to a very regal woman wearing a crown

Barnabus confronted captain hanson who revealed he had actually hired them to protect her which they had failed to do and she was Annisa neice to Queen Annais of Tethyr and that she had been smuggle out of tethyr away from he abusive husband to be to avoid any intrigue. Captain Hanson’s look revealed it all that there will be hell to pay.

He ordered Rogar to steer the ship and they were now his crew. With no idea which way the pirates sailed he felt it best to proceed to Port Kri in Tethyr. Still 4 days out and an inexperienced crew what will happen next…..



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