Port Kri

Town Map



1 The Green Cockerel Inn – Two floors with bar on the ground serving food ale and other amenities. Accommodation on the second floor ranging from peasant dorms to boudoirs for merchants and Lords. Has stables out back at 1a.


Winthrop Rolen

Bar Maids: Greta and Anna his daughters

2. Fizzwald’s Fantastic Emporium – Merchant store selling all sorts of goods bought from the ships coming into port. Weapons, armor, foods, wines, and other general stores.



7: Tethyr Migrations and Customs Bureau – Large stone building facing the port housing the harbour master and branch of Tethyr migrations and customs bureau responsible for inspecting, taxing and processing ships that arrive in port before meeting caravans to take goods east to the capital. Also processes individuals wishing to reside in the kingdom.

11. The Laverne Keep – Not so much a castle but a timber and stone building on a high hill overlooking the town. Steep sides gives a strong defensive position. Home to the Marquis Laverne who owns all the land in and around the port. Close ally of the Queen.


Marquis Laverne

Port Kri

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