Red Dragonborn Barbarian



Str – 15 [+2]

Dex – 14 [+2]

Con – 15 [+2]

Int – 8 [-1]

Wis – 10 [+0]

Cha – 13 [+1]

Proficiency Bonus +2

Saving Throws

+4 Str
+2 Dex
+4 Con
-1 Int
+0 Wis
+1 Cha


+2 Acrobatics
+0 Animal Handling
-1 Arcana
+4 Athletics
+3 Deception
-1 History
+0 Insight
+3 Intimidation
-1 Investigation
+0 Medication
-1 Nature
+2 Perception
+1 Performance
+1 Persuasion
-1 Religion
+2 Slight of Hand
+2 Stealth
+0 Survival

Armor Class – 14 Initiative +2 Speed 30 Max hit points 26

Features & Traits

Rage – +2 Damage / Resistance to Bludgeoning and Piercing Damage / Advantage on Strength Checks and Saving Throws

Fire Breath – 15 foot Cone of Fire 2d6 Fire Damage – Constitution Saving Throw 8+ Proficiency Bonus + Con Modifier = 12

Unarmored Deference – 10 + Dex Modifier + Con Modifier = 14


Rohgar a once proud member of his clans army now exiled and forced to make a new life for himself in Tethyr.

Ever since he was a hatchling Rohgar had always excelled in a fight. Not only bigger and stronger than most Drgaonborns his age, he showed a great enjoyment for combat as well as a mean temper. There was ample opportunity for him to harness his talent, starting in the fighting pits and wrestling arenas popular within his clan, and eventually moving into the infantry of his clans army. Whilst his temper served him well in the fighting pits, it was not so beneficial as a soldier. He would often fly into rages which were near impossible to get him out of, during which no one could get through to him which meant and military tactics went out the window. He was often told to temper his inner fire by some of his more understanding superiors but others would often grumble about his lack of discipline and the need to get rid of Rohgar. Luckily for him he was the bravest and most fearsome fighter they had which made him indispensable, but all that changed. One day because of his actions many of his friends and allies were killed and he was sub-sequentially exiled. The actions of that day are of great embarrassment and he would do anything to keep them a secret.

Since being exiled Rohgar has tackled his problems like he did battle, head on. To him the easiest solution is the best. He would still lay down his life for those who fight beside him and won’t trust those who aren’t proven to be a warrior. These attributes along with his size and intimidating presence made him the perfect bodyguard/mercenary. He does miss the life of a soldier and can be heard recalling glorious memories of battles whenever the opportunity arises. But most of all Rohgar misses his home and his clan and would do anything to be back with his people.


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