Rhys Clay

A preacher and purveyor of courage and duty


My grandfather and his father before him were Paladins of the Order of the Golden Lion. As servants of Torm during the Time of Troubles they undertook the penance of duty. However, my father abandoned all sense of honour and loyalty. He befriended evil doers and followed a path of corruption. Drinking, gambling and frolicking with prostitutes.

As fortune would have it, the white gauntlet carried my mother and I to safety, through companions of my grandfather. I vowed to follow the path of my ancestors. Torm provided me with the skills of the Golden Lion, but where my Order protects the temples, I have chosen to go to the war-torn lands to provide courage and goodness. But beware, where sinners remain, wrath will be strong and you will be slain.

Rhys Clay

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