Tales of Tethyr

Game 6 - Hobgoblin Hazards

Game 6 – Hobgoblin Hazards

The party with the aid of Suri had reached the camp of the hobgoblins they had been sent by Marquis Laverne to deal with. Upon approaching the cave they found other people imprisoned in cages barely conscious. As they watched on out of the trees came two large hobgoblins on worgs. They dismounted and entered the cave.

The guards outside returned to their posts. It was at this point the party launched their attack dispatching the guards with relative ease. They freed the adventurers who named themselves as Asami a gnome bard, Kromlak a half orc paladin and a slight rogue named Ceckie. They wore only rags. They told how they had been dispatched to rescue a kidnapped merchant by Fizzwald from Port Kri. They had been caught by Hobgoblins after rescuing the merchant and his family. Though they did not know what had become of the rest of their band or of the family.

The party armed them with what they could spare and the newcomers offered their help in revenge. The newly formed party ventured into the cave cautiously. As they moved ahead they were met by well prepared defences. After smashing their way through the first palisades they entered into a fight with several hobgoblins. After slicing the throat of the last hobogblin they searched the room. The room was naturally formed with only some digging having taken place. They were well setup that was for sure. They found a store room with armor, food, ale and weapons. The newcomers armed themselves with what they could find.

THey then had to fight through a longer corridor clearing out another room of hobgoblins. As they searched this room they found the mutilated corpses of the merchant and his family as well as the missing compatriots of the newcomers. They pushed onward until they entered a room in which stood a much larger hobgoblin. It was one of the two that they had seen enter the cave. The party did not fare well against this ones ferocious might and saw Kromlak and Rothgar taking heavy wounds.

They eventually managed to silence him. They looted some nice chainmail off his corpse which was given to Kromlak.

They moved into the final part of the cave complex to be faced with a huge heavily armoured hob goblin wielding two great axes. He was talking a to a shadowy figure at the back of the room. The party caught mention of roads to saradush and to wreak havoc but not get caught. They also heard something about claiming to be allied to a General Hav’osh.

The party did not hold back and engaged the fearsome hobgoblin leader. The fight was intense with Kromlak being sliced in two by Magthor the Bonebreaker and the rest of the party going down. Ceckie saved the day claiming the throat of the hobgoblin leader. Just in time as the wounds on the others were grievous. Kromlak lay dead at their feet the brave half orc paladin had given his life.

As a sign of respect they removed his gear and Rothgar incinerated the corpse with his fire breath and collected up the ashed in a small pouch. He promised to set them on the wind so the warrior’s soul would fly free once more.

The party decided they needed to get back to Port Kri urgently with this information and to claim their reward. With their new compatriots in tow they headed west. Suri took them to the edge of the forest and bid them farewell. They had the feeling this would not be the last they saw of the strange moon elf.

The party travelled hard and fast reaching port kri only to be faced with a locked eastern gate. Indeed the palisade had grown. At the top of the gate the guards questioned them but let them in. As they entered port Kri they could see the palisade being worked on by troops. Weapons and supplies were being moved by royal soldiers. They stood in awe at the sheer military presence now in Port Kri. What was going on…..

Game 5 - Lost in the Wealdath

After recovering from the onslaught of the hobgoblin raid on Port Kri the party seemed divided on what to do next.  Clay the cleric had abandoned them in favor or a pretty half elf woman he had met at the festival.  As such he took his share of funds and suggested they find themselves another person to tend to their wounds and that he was going to get on the next ship with his new woman up north to Athkatla in Amn.

Nefil and Venus were no where to be found in the The Green Cockerel Inn.  Winthorpe had not seen them in some time.

As such this left Barnabus, Rothgar, Amelia and Olgoth to wait out until the paladin of lathander returned to fetch them to meet Marquis Laverne.

She eventually returned and stated they had to report to the keep later that day.  To pass the time they took up Winthrop's query of what had happened to the gnome Fizzwald.  He had not been seen since before the attack.

The group that remained headed to the ruins of the Gnome's shop.  They searched all over but found no evidence of the gnome or his body.  Giving up they decided to head across town to the keep.

As they approached they saw a wooden and stone structure standing on top of the outcrop of the cliffs.  A single loan narrow winding path started from a gate in the village eventually reaching another gate and palasade at the top.  The whole town is mostly surrounded by a thick wooden palisade which continued up around the cliffs.  All sides around the outcrop were steep and a good natural defence.

The party made their way up to the keep and eventually met with Marquis Laverne who was as noble as they come in that he had little time for these adventurers.  However in his home they did notice lots of arms and paintings.  He revealed he had been one of the generals on the queen's side and had asked for Port kri as his reward when the civil wars ended.  The party queried him about the wars and learned there had been 3 factions.  The incumbant King and his followed plus an alliance of old barons and mages keen to rule with a firmer hand.  The queen's faction joined late originally on the side of the King but eventually broke off when Queen Annais decided she could rule better than her incompetent husband.  Her faction won the war with the existing nobility not allied with the Queen being exterminated one by one and the King himself beheaded.  Laverne hinted that queen is a sorceror of considerable power in her own right.

After the history lesson Laverne thanked them for their work with the hobgoblins.  the party told him about the princess.  The Marquis appeared concerned that he had no information on the princess sneaking away from baldurs gate.  He stated he would take the matter to the court.  He also took the belongings the princess had left behind on the boat.  

While discussing this the Marquis brought up that Hobgoblins had not been this far west since the war.  They had originally been aligned with one of the factions.   He wanted the party to go out and try and locate the remnants of the raid and follow them back to their base camp.  if possible to also put an end to them.

The party agreed but only for a reaonable sum.  Laverne also stated they could equip themselves from his armoury and that Barnabus could access his library.  Olgoth and Rothgar armed themselves appropriately while barnabus found some useful scrolls and texts.

After this they were ushered out of the keep and they set off out the south end of the town into the forest.  Hours went by as they eventually found trail of two fleeing hobgoblins.  They followed it as best they could until they emerged out on the east rode to their surpise the hobgoblins had crossed over in to the Wealdath forest.  

The party pursued onwards but lost the trail and became lost themselves.  Suddenly they came ran into a pack of wolves which they eventually dispatched only to be faced with a powerful large wolf.  Just as they were sizing up the situation a young moon elf emerged from the trees bow drawn and apointed at Rothgar.

She demanded to know why they were in the Wealdath.  After some convincing they discovered she was named Suri and from one of the moon elf tribes in the far northwestern parts of the Wealdath.  She was on a routine patrol to make sure this part of the forest was unharmed.  She introduced her wolf as Minna the wisest of all wolves.  The inclination the party got was that the wolf was some kind forest spirit on in tune with it.  But they did know Minna was a creature they did not want to be on the wrong side of.

After camping the ranger Suri stated she would help them find the hobgoblins but only after she checked on the tower of Xavius to make sure its udnead inhabitants had not risen again.  Else they would need to be culled.

After a undetermined amount of time they reached the ruined tower.  Suri hinted that there were sizeable catacombs underneath where the worst of the undead wondered but it was the surface risen ones that she needed to deal with.  Indeed there were a few zombies moving about.  The party helped Suri dispatch them.  Afterwhich they tried to get into the catacombs only to hear very disturbing noises from within and a multitude of darkened tunnels ahead.  They decided it best to come back another time and for now to focus on their task.

After several more hours Minna found the trail and they followed it to a large camp deep in thre northern parts of the forest.  By Suri reckoning through they were NE of  Port Kri by about 20 miles or so.

The party snooped around the egde of the camp and saw many tents around a large cave entrance.  Outside were several cages in which looked like there were prisoners though they couold not tell if they were dead or alive.  At that moment in time 3 hobgoblins rode in on Worgs with a large one at the centre.  They dismounted and entered the cave with something similar to orders being barked in their gutteral tongue……

The party began to devise a way to see if any prisoners remained alive…

















Adventure 4 - The burning of Port Kri

Several hours had passed since the  party consisting of the winning team of Barnabus Amelia and Rothgar had returned to the Green Cockerel Inn on a wave of fans.  For hours they were plied with free booze and food by the patrons.  So much that Clay and barnabus had both passed out in respective corners while Nefil and Venus stood arguing and gambling with other patrons.

In the middle of all this Rothgar Amelia and Olgoth were enjoying ales and banter between themselves.  Rothgar then spotted a sullen looking little bobby in the dorner of the inn.  Rothgar proceeded to insult the black dragon born.  The encounter led to bobby becoming more ashamed and skulking into the corner.

Rothgar proclaimed that everyone was weak in this town.  This raised a challenge from Winthrop who called over his daughter Beth.  She challenged Rothgar and trashed him twice in an arm wrestling match.  Rothgar had to eat his own words.

About this time they all heard screams from outside.  Rothgar rushed outside with Amelia and Olgoth following.  They saw villagers running away from the south and the highlights of flames in the distance.  They tried to grab an old man who wa sin sheer panick and all thye got was that someone was raiding the south end of town and had torched it.

The group made their way south encountering screaming and more fire as they went.  the entire south end of town was on fire.  They encountered a small band of hobgoblins and goblins.  The group swiftly dispatched them only to hear screaming from inside a house.  Rothgar went in but passed out from the smoke leaving Olgoth and Amelia to rescue him and a middle aged woman. 

She was in a bad way so thye too kher back to the green cockerel.  Upon entering the place was ram packed.  They placed the woman next tothe bar and just as they were deciding what to do next a woman in shining plate armor summoned them over.  She queried if they had been killing hobgoblins.  She asked them to go back out and slay all they could find and help any militia they could find.  She agreed to pay them gold for each head they borught back.

The party being in desparate need of money agreed and headed back out.  After an hour of small skirmishes they entered in an abandoned market square.  They encountered two guards surrounded by a large band of hobgoblins.  Between them they managed to take them down by lost one of the guards Jimmy in the fight.  His friend could not believe it and was distraught.  meanwhile the Rothgar not emotionally sensitive in the least went around and cut the heads off.  The party pondered how much thye could get for the 6.  However they knew they had to try and find the leader of this raid.  They got the guard to agree to take their heads bac kto the inn and keep them safe.  Rothgar threatened to kill him if he claimed them as his own.  

The group carried on until they rounded a corner to find a makeshift base camp in which stood a big hobgoblin surrounded by two large wolves and hobgoblins and goblins.  They had clearly found the  leader.  The group immediately ran into battle.  Just as round the corner staggered the female paladin from the inn screaming "For the Dawn!!".  She was badly surrounded and the party had to fight a bloody fight  to get through the  leader.  The paladin keeping them alive when she could.  Rothgar got pounced and pinned by one of the wolves and Olgoth was dropped to the floor.  He was revived by the paladin and immediately rejoined the attle.  Amelia in bear form kept them distracted but managed no killing blows.  The fight carried on until it was just a hobgoblin and the leader left.  The leader drew his great sword and slayed Amelia in her beats form reverting her to a frail elf.  The paladin was greviously wounded as was Olgoth.  Rothgar managed to finally get the wolf off him and joined the fray.   Rothgar was dropped by a savage blow from the sword.  The hobgoblin was experienced at fighting and well armoured.

After more savage blows they managed to overcome him and slayed him through the gut.  The big hobgoblin droped to the ground dead by left the group in a bloodied state.  They cut off more heads, patched thier wounds with the help of the paladin.   She introduced herself as Alison Del Baron Paladin of Lathander and captain of the town militia.  

The group returned to the inn to find it quieter but still full of inured and dying people.  The rest of the party were helping where they could.  The group settled down to patch wounds etc.  As they did so the paladin approached them and threw a bag of gold their way.  She thanked them on behalf of the village.   She reckoned they needed more reward.  Collectively they stated they needed to meet with Marquis Laverne about a matter.  The paladin said she would arrange this.  She told them to stay in town so she could find them.  With that sh hobbled off to tend to the wounded.  This left the party and al lwondering where such a large raid had come from.  Del Baron  had not reckoned there were any this far west.




Episode 3 - Tethyr At Last!

After 3 days of hard sailing and guidance by Flavious the party finally entered Firedrake Bay and their first sight of Tethyr with the great Wealdath forest off thier port for most of the journey.  Captain Hanson had recovered some of self respect but was very edgy around the party having turned to blaming them for what had befallen his ship.  The party had come to like Flavious with him being a thoroughly friendly lad.  

The motley band could be in better shape with only Venus the bard and Amelia the druid still having any equipment of any proper use.  All the others barely any weapons or armor between them except the crude items rescued from kobolds.

The Dramboth landed in Port Kri on the largest dock.  The group said their goodbyes to Flavious who was going to stay with Hanson.  The captain was grateful to be rid of them.  They were met on the dock by a migrations and customs officer.  This pompous looking man proceeded to inform them they must register at the migrations bureau before they could proceed into Tethyr.  Hanson paid them their dues of 6 gold pieces.


After taking their details he also informed them they could find gear at Fizzwald's Fantastic Emporium and lodging at the Green Cockerel Inn if they had money.   The party proceeded to the large stone building at the end of the dock where upon entering they found a busy hall with traders and captain queuing for customs forms.  The stairs to the second floor had two guards in full armor posted at them.    He also informed them they had arrived in time for the spring festival which included a brawl event in which money could be won.

The party joined a queue and after a while they were served by a lovely lady known as Amanda who was so chirpy and helpful Barnabus and Rohgar were a bit off put and taken aback.  She presented them with their papers and indicated that should they be lost and caught up in a crime they would be beheaded with no trial.   The party heeded this warning.  She said if they wished evidence to see the south side of town for the skull pile.  The party asked if they could speak to the lord of the town.  Amanda informed them that the lord did not speak to  commoners but had deputies to do that work.  The deputy would be at the customs hall that afternoon to hear the citizens complaints.  She also mentioned 

The party with this knowledge headed off to find the merchant and this was not hard to miss.  A building fronted by mass amounts of multicoloured glowing lights spelled "Fizzwald's Fantastic Emporium"  This blatant waste of magic greatly annoyed Barnabus who wished he could dispel it.

Upon entering they found a gnome behind a counter in a very quiet shop.  Sitting on his high chair he was stroking his white mustache and greeted them warmly.  The party looked around the store especially at the armors and weapons.  Olgoth tried badly to get Fizzwald to sell him full plate which was majorly out of their price range.  Barnabus scoured the shop for magic and found none ." so much for fantastic he thought".

Attempting to buy armor Fizzwald found they had no money.  He was not happy until Olgoth suggested a deal that if he loaned them armor and weapons they could enter the brawl win money but more importantly they would advertise they got their stuff from Fizzwald.  The gnome pondered this and eventually agreed and also to throw in some gold to get them lodging and rested at the Inn.  He gave them big advertising boards and sets of leather armor plus standard weapons suitable to their skills.  However Barnabus was having issues with Fizzwald's blatant abuse of magic on his shop leading to a sort of rivalry.  He eventually got a dusty old purple robe from Fizzwald which he did not realize the gnome had enchanted with blazing text on the back.

Moving on with their billboards they entered the Green Cockerel in where they met the owner Winthrop Rolen and his two daughters anna and greta.  They obtained accommodation in a dry stable out the back and some stew and ale.  They realized Olgoth had disappeared and wondered off on his own though no one bothered to follow.  Loyalties not being that strong at present.    Rohgar was eyeing up a big black dragonborn in the corner provoking a small fight between them where Olgoth punched the dragonborn in the balls.  The dragon born swore revenge.

Olgoth on the other hand had proceeded to the south end of town where the walls and palisade were in an awful state leaving the town exposed.  HE did indeed find a pile of skulls of various races.  he eventually found a farmstea dhe had been told about owned by the Ironfold's.  Upon approaching all that were present were two goats and a small shack with a workshop to the side.  Indeed there was a crude furnace and anvil but no smithing equipment.  Upon knocking at the door it was answered by an old human male.  This was Pa Ironfold.  Olgoth tried badly to barter for their only hammer eventually punching the farmer.  Upon hearing this commotion Ma Ironfold appeared.  Again she would not barter and Olgoth tried to take the hammer and punch her also…. only to find his grip stopped by this frail old woman and his fist crushed by immense strength.  he fled as quic kas he could having learned in the process they had a kid named Lil Bobby who was apparently not so little.

The party slept and the next day went to the festival with advert boards in tow.  On the way theu went to visit the lord's deputy and informed him of the kidnapped princess.  He was not aware of any such arrangement but was concerned as Annisa is favoured of Annais and is key to alliance in Baldur's Gate.     He knew about Argoth the orc pirate also saying he had plagued the coast for years.  He took Annisa's belongings and told the party if he needed them he knew where to find them

They found they had to win tokens and the 3 highest teams could enter the brawl.  So they set about doing the games.  First came strength run by Master Bronzebeard involving an arm wrestle against him and then hitting a button with a mallet to ding a bell.  Amazingly the party garnered some tokens out of this but it was the weaker members that did the bets.  The dwarves and the dragonborn failing miserably.  Next came an archery game where the party did averagely well .  The party worked their way through a riddle game and  drinking game.  At the performance game Amelia put on a fantastical display of nature winning her applause however Rohgar's weapon spinning demo got booed.

The party eventually registered to the brawl but found only one team could enter from their group with the tokens they had.  At this point Clay appeared with 5 more and being blind drunk.  he also informed them of the party including a tiefling who had an accident.  The party approached this group and bartered for all their tokens despite being against the rules.


Now they could put two teams in the brawl.  They even discussed that one team should just "fail" once the other team was beaten.  As they entered the arena in two teams The Bessy Squad consisting of Venus, Nefil and Clay and the The Polar Bear team consisting of Amelia Barnabus and Rohgar.  They found themselves facing Lil Bobby "the black dragon born" and his two comrades one of whom was Fizzwald himself.  The party felt annoyed by this especially since he had informed them he was not entering.  Blatant lies said BArnabus. 

The fight started and both teams did well.  It was tough but they managed to floor Lil' Bobby's team except Fizzwald.  he took out the Bessy squad in two great thunder spells.  Amelia struck the final blow and The Polar bear team had won.  

The team were presented with their prize plus the bonus 50 gold for still standing as a complete team.  As the losers were released from their sanctuary spells Fizzwald could be soon hobbling away with a grin across his face as he looked back at the party…  Now thye have enough to equip themselves properly and decide what to do next though it was pulling on towards the evening now..















Episode 2 - Land Ahoy?

Over half a day had passed since the party and Captain Anderson had been left for dead by the pirates. Most of them had no equipment save for the druid, bard and dumb dwarf who had jumped overboard. Captain Anderson had become shell shocked and delirious making no sense and arguing with himself.

The elven druid introduced herself as Amelia and bard herself as Venus who was very much a half elf with her prominent ears obviously stronger on her elven lineage.

The party tried haphazardly for another half day trying to crew and steer the ship but kept going off course more west.

The dragonborn became fed up and chased Clay the cleric up into the birds nest to keep look out. They spotted and managed to avoid another 2 ships as the day went on. Barnabus decided to take command and steer the ship. He has Nefil tack sails with the dragonborn andsent the bard to the rear to keep a look out and the druid to the front.

As search of the captains cabin revealed a half bottle of whisky, small bag of gold and a chart. Venus took the chart to Barnabus but he had no reference. Suddenly from above came Clay shouting Land Ahoy! to the west!.

Barnabus needed a telescope to see so Nefil decided to try and convince captain anderson to give him his telescope. The captain become agitated and tried to stab the dwarf who punched him in the sotmach flooring him. He took the telescope and looked towards the land

He saw a small rocky island covered in forest with a small sandy beach. He saw birds flying so it had life which meant maybe food and water. The crew were acutely aware they did not have enough food or water to make Port Kri.

With this in mind they sailed the ship as close as they dared. They found a small 4 man rowing boat strapped to the side of the ship. With amazing feats of agility Venus and NIfel managed to board it and drop it into the water. Amelia landed in it also however Barnabus wasnt so lucky and landed in the sea his mage book still tucked in his pants.

They rolled the boat and made it to shore. It was at this point they realised the druid and bard still had gear. Venus armed Nifel with a dagger.

They buried the boat under foliage and sand and decided they needed to find water. They ventured a little bit into the tree line only to hear a lot of yipping noises. Barnabus realised these were kobolds just as they burst from the undergrowth. A fight ensued with the party easily dropping the kobolds but with barnabus taking an almost fatal hit. Venus managed to heal him up enough to walk again.

The party skinned the kobolds in a vain attempt to make waterskins despite Amelia almost throwing up at the thought. They found some crude swords which armed Nifel even more.

The party then realised the druid could find food and water no problem which she did. They found water at which a deer was drinking. BArnabus dropped it with magic missiles thus providing meat.

They filled up with water and meat and berried and decided to head back to the boat. However as they returned the boat was gone! They stashed the food and water and followed the trail with Barnabus getting them lost though Amelia easily picked up the trail which headed into a cave.

The group entered the cave cautiously to find tunnels covered in small pools of water. As they continued through the passages they came to a tunnel whereby a large pool containing glowing pink stuff stood in their way. As Barnabus approached it he felt woos yand collapsed into the water alseep. Nifel dragged him out shaking off the effects of the pink Algae. The party took a while to safely get through it finding themselves faced with a passage turning sharp left or continuing straight on. There was no sign of the boat though.

The party decided to go left which opened up into a massive cavern in which lay a massive pool of water very deep. In the middle floated their boat loaded with food anchored. Amelia got suspicious and detected a powerful magical presence below the water.

The party nervous retreated back to the passage and carried straight on eventually coming out into a glade in which sat a stone table surrounded by columns. At the edge of this crawled a crippled old figure towards the table filled to the brim with wine and foood. However as he got just in reach 20 kobolds flew down and attacked him viciously driving him from the table. Thye then ate all the food in front of him.

The party decided to leave this be and retreated back to the cave. They concocted a plan to get the boat by trying to lassoe it and pull it back to shore. However as they did so massive tentacles erupted from the pool and grabbed the boat sinking it. Tentacles then appeared thrashing around the edge of the pool sending the party fleeing in terror back to the glade.

They found the kobolds gone and no food on the table. Nifel managed to get close to the crippled old figure to find his eyes had been gouged out. He managed to convince the figure he was real and no illusion. The figure revealed himself as Flavious . The party learned the kobolds were a curse put on him by a sea hag. HIscurse was to ever want the food but to be deprived by the kobolds. He revealed the curse would end if he could eat the food.

The party concocted a plan to help him. They fetched some of the pink algae and smeared it on the table. They then took a long rest to wait for the next set of food to spawn the next day.. The night passed uneventful and when the sun rose the next day food appeared. Flavious moved for it and 19 winged kobolds appeared and chased him away. They began to eat the food bu 11 of them succumed to the algae and fell asleep.

The party quickly finished off the remaning 8 in a glorious fight. They then coup de graces the ones that were alseep. Nifel brought the food to flavious who upon eating it began to glow. His skin rejuvenated and his eyes healed. When the glow wore off before them stood a handsome 23 year old human man. Tanned and leathered skin betrayed his nautical heritage.

He revealed jis ship had been attacked by sea goblins led by orcs and h had drifted for days before being washed up on the island. HE had become cursed b ya sea hag to an endless eternity of misery and hunger. Though that was now over.

Flavious asked to go with the party lending his services as an experienced first officer. he explained the tentacles were that of a baby Kraken and they should avoid. Thye managed to get back to the beach safely. Barnabus with Flavious conjured a pla nto create a raft to get them and the supplies back to the Dramboth.

After several hours of blasting trees with eldritch blat and using lotsof rope they constructed a crude raft and managed to get back to the ship.

The party were happy they now had food water and weapons and someone who actually knew how to sail. They fed the captain and locked him in his cabin letting Flavious take charge. With this the crew were at last back on course to port kri and only 1.5 days out.

With al these adventured at sea the party felt more experienced and now that they shared some bond. Get to port kri and report the attacks and kidnapping. Then decide where their paths will take them next……

Episode 1 - Avast!

The good ship Dramboth 3 weeks out of Baldurs Gate with Captain Hanson at the helm with his friendly and loyal crew sail towards Tethyr. On board the ship are several strange people signed up to protect his boat from Pirates.

He looks around the deck. He sees Rogar the fearsome impatient and angry red dragon born barbaria stomping up and down. Next he spots the two dwarves Nefil and Olgoth the latter of whom is passed out on the deck. Praying att he back of the board is the young human priest of torm Clay who is trying to preach his religion to Barnabus the human scholarly mage

Captain Hanson wanders down to the desk and talks to each in turn getting the red dragonborn to go below and take his frustration out cutting wood for the cooks stove. After chatting with the rest they seem like a decent bunch. He hears singing below decks and mewing. He wished he had never let the bloody druid on board but at least she was killing rats.

Some time later the boson crfies alarm at spotting two ships in the distance. Two sloops moving fats towards them. The crew run and hide below decks as it is time for these passengers to earn their keep.

One sloop pulls alongside crewed by sea goblins with two orcs barking orders at them. Several landed on the ship with which they were engaged by the passengers. After some fierce fighting Olgoth jumped to the sloop and found himself surrounded. Clay had intervene and keep the dwarf on his feet. Olgoth was jumped from behind by a gobling whichwrapped itself round his head and started cutting at his fine beard with his dagger. After many failed attempts to throw off the goblin it came away with 3/4 of his beard in its hand which then got caught in the wind. Raging Olgoth jumped overboard forgetting he wore armor and immediately sunk under water.

In the meantime the passengers were thinning the numbers on the Dramboth and Rogar had engaged on the sloop with the orc captain. With several mighty swipes he cut them down.

However the second sloop came up behind and more goblins boarded followed by the fearsome orc captain Argoth wielding two great axes. A firece fight ensued but the party were overwhelmed. As they were each knocked to the deck as the last of them passed out they heard Argoth order the passenger to be seized and the party heard screaming of a young woman as they blacked out.

In the meantime the druid had jumped overboard shifting into a dolphin and managed to bring the dwarf to the surface. Clambering aboard they found the party stripped naked the crew slaughtered and the captain badly beaten. No sign of the first mate.

They untied the others from the mast who slowly regained their senses. Looking around at the carnage the foredeck was on fire. They managed to eventually put out the fires no before Olgoth pissing on one reignited it due to the copious amounts of rum in his belly.

BArnabus went below deck to find all the cargo gone and a open secret door at the front of the ship. On inspection he found a very comfortable room and a small desk containing a drawing of a dolphin on top of which lay a pearl inlaid hand mirror and hair brush. A silve rlocket was found in the bed which when opened showed a pretty young noblewoman standing next to a very regal woman wearing a crown

Barnabus confronted captain hanson who revealed he had actually hired them to protect her which they had failed to do and she was Annisa neice to Queen Annais of Tethyr and that she had been smuggle out of tethyr away from he abusive husband to be to avoid any intrigue. Captain Hanson’s look revealed it all that there will be hell to pay.

He ordered Rogar to steer the ship and they were now his crew. With no idea which way the pirates sailed he felt it best to proceed to Port Kri in Tethyr. Still 4 days out and an inexperienced crew what will happen next…..

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Invite them with either their email address or their Obsidian Portal username.

2. Edit your home page

Make a few changes to the home page and give people an idea of what your campaign is about. That will let people know you’re serious and not just playing with the system.

3. Choose a theme

If you want to set a specific mood for your campaign, we have several backgrounds to choose from. Accentuate it by creating a top banner image.

4. Create some NPCs

Characters form the core of every campaign, so take a few minutes to list out the major NPCs in your campaign.

A quick tip: The “+” icon in the top right of every section is how to add a new item, whether it’s a new character or adventure log post, or anything else.

5. Write your first Adventure Log post

The adventure log is where you list the sessions and adventures your party has been on, but for now, we suggest doing a very light “story so far” post. Just give a brief overview of what the party has done up to this point. After each future session, create a new post detailing that night’s adventures.

One final tip: Don’t stress about making your Obsidian Portal campaign look perfect. Instead, just make it work for you and your group. If everyone is having fun, then you’re using Obsidian Portal exactly as it was designed, even if your adventure log isn’t always up to date or your characters don’t all have portrait pictures.

That’s it! The rest is up to your and your players.


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